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ClaroRead Chrome

ClaroRead Chrome supports reading, writing and study on Chromebooks. It helps you write with Google Docs, read and research PDF files and web pages, and organise your thoughts with mind mapping. ClaroRead is used world-wide in schools by hundreds of thousands of users with and without dyslexia and print impairments.

Needs and Challenges Addressed:

  • Confidence
  • Focus and concentration
  • Grammar
  • Motivation and interest
  • Organization of thoughts and concepts
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling and mechanics


13-17, 18+, 4-8, 9-12






$1-20, Free

ClaroRead Chrome adds speech to any web page you visit and PDF files. You can also read aloud Google Docs with highlighting to let you see where you are up to, spellcheck your work, use word prediction to help you write, and tint the screen to make it more comfortable to read:

Click Play to read any web page out loud, with highlighting to let you track where you are.

Click Play to read your own work or any document you have opened in Google Docs and Google Slides, again with highlighting.

Scan from screen: draw a rectangle round any text in a page to hear it read aloud – even Google Books, inaccessible PDFs and images of text. (Premium only)

Click Play to read back accessible PDF files opened in Chrome, whether found on the web or opened from your local machine.

Hover over links or images to read them out or just select text you want to hear and it speaks.

Choose from dozens of languages and voices to read different web pages in the voice you prefer. (You get more voices in Premium with Voices.)

Spellcheck and homophone check your work – fix spelling errors and grammar errors like “their” and “there”.

Echo back letters, words and sentences as you type them to help with proofing and accessibility.

Turn on a coloured overlay for tinting web pages to help with reading and comfort.

Choose the text highlight colour that helps you follow along best.

Use word prediction to help you with getting the right correctly-spelled word when writing. Supports English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Norwegian and Arabic. Swedish word prediction supports phonetics, so “sj” suggests “just”.

Read other Google Docs extensions to maximize effectiveness of all your tools.

Deploy and administer across your company or school with powerful admin tools.

Read Office 365 (Word Online) documents with highlighting (Premium only).

Convert inaccessible PDF files or images into fully-accessible PDF or Word documents for reading and working with later using ClaroRead Cloud OCR (Premium only).