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ClaroSpeak is a reading and writing app with high-quality text-to-speech, formatting controls, a wide range of fonts and styles, and cloud storage integration. ClaroSpeak offers the option of visual highlighting in sync with the spoken words, a great range of colour, and font settings to allow for optimum reading and word prediction to help with writing. ClaroSpeak is a quality app for proofreading text through listening, helping with reading and literacy development, and creating audio files from any text.

Help Page / Manual:

Needs and Challenges Addressed:

  • Confidence
  • Grammar
  • Motivation and interest
  • Organization of thoughts and concepts
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling and mechanics
  • Visual tracking for editing


13-17, 18+, 4-8, 9-12




Chromebook, iPhone/iPod/iPad, Mac, Other, Windows


$1-20, Free

Text-to-Speech with High-Quality Voices:

Import documents and PDFs into ClaroSpeak from apps such as Mail, or import PDF, Word and other files directly from Dropbox or Google Drive using ClaroSpeak’s Dropbox and Google Drive integration. Hear the contents readout with a choice of high-quality Nuance Vocalizer voices included in ClaroSpeak Plus. Make the voice speak faster or slower to suit. The voices are installed within ClaroSpeak Plus, so they work when not online and do not use up any expensive data allowance. ClaroSpeak uses the built-in iOS system voices.

Type text or use Apple’s speech recognition to dictate text directly into ClaroSpeak and hear it spoken back, helping you to check text and proofread quickly and easily. The Apple spellcheck works in ClaroSpeak, further helping to increase the accuracy of documents.

Access over 100 voices in over 30 languages and even more accents through in-app purchase in ClaroSpeak Plus. Both Nuance Expressive and Acapela voices are available through ClaroSpeak’s in-app store.

Word Prediction, Autocorrect and Language Learning:

ClaroSpeak’s Word Prediction takes account of word frequency and previous words. There is an initial Word Prediction list loaded on startup, and ClaroSpeak can learn new words as they are typed. The predicted words appear on a Word bar above the keyboard. Swiping left on this row will show more predicted words, if available. Train prediction dictionary or create a new one from a current document. It is possible to switch Word Prediction on or off, as well as choose the prediction dictionary to use and set whether prediction learns from what is typed.

Enable Claro Autocorrect and ClaroSpeak will use our specifically designed correction list to automatically correct misspelt words as they are typed (ClaroSpeak Plus only).

Learn and vocalise a second language with ClaroSpeak. Use any of the in-built iOS system voices to hear the text in a foreign language spoken aloud and listen back to the text as it is typed – great for learning how to pronounce correctly. Buy more high-quality voices via in-app purchase.

Capture Text from Photo OCR:

Choose a photo, screenshot or an image with text and have this text extracted into ClaroSpeak.

Visual Highlighting:

Coordinate reading and listening via text highlighting as the text is read back. Pick the colour and style of highlighting required.

Choose from one of four highlighting modes: none, word by word highlighting, word trail highlighting or sentence highlighting. The word trail feature makes words colour progressively as they are spoken by ClaroSpeak.

Change the font size, foreground and background colour, and use a more readable font to maximise ease of reading.

Font & Layout:

Change the font type, size or colour to suit your needs. Layout the text for easier reading by adjusting the character, line and paragraph spacing and adjusting the page margins. Text can be formatted bold, italic and underlined to emphasise. Images can be inserted into the text from the camera or your library.

Save to Audio and Speak in Background:

Convert any text into an audio file with any of the high-quality voices. Listen to text on the move and proofread on the go.

ClaroSpeak will continue to read or play an audio file after the Home button is pressed. This allows continued listening to a document whilst using other apps (ClaroSpeak Plus only).

Send Text:

Text created within ClaroSpeak can be emailed, sent via SMS, Airdrop, or copied and pasted into another app, like Safari – great to help ensure everything is right. The Apple spellcheck works in ClaroSpeak too, further helping accuracy. Sending to Facebook and Twitter lets you join in with social media.

Dropbox and Google Drive Integration:

Open documents and eBooks stored in Dropbox or Google Drive directly in ClaroSpeak. Save text and audio files directly back to Dropbox or Google Drive (ClaroSpeak Plus only).

Store Links:

iOS -

Chrome Web Store - (Free)

Microsoft - (Free)